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Chasing Watefalls: Outlet Falls

Outlet falls is in the middle of nowhere off Glenwood Highway in Yakima County, Washington.

You are probably thinking "where on earth is that... ?" Well, I had the same question in my head as I trusted google to get me to my destination as usual. So far, google maps has not failed me unlike ....... I wouldn't mention names, I enjoy the fruit anyways.

Outlet falls was my second stop of chasing waterfalls this summer. I was blessed with the view of Mt. Adams and Mt. Helens en route Outlet falls. I stopped to take a beautiful photo of Mt. Adams below. The mountain was about half a mile away from the road and i wished i could just.... never mind, i might end up trespassing and dead.

Outlet falls was quiet, lonely and the only sound one could hear was that of water falling in the 200 foot deep Klickitat Canyon. I parked, grabbed my camera bag, selfie stick and I was ready to conquer another waterfall.

My first view down the falls was scary. I didn't think I was going to get to the foot of the falls and back. I'd seen a couple pictures of people online swimming and wondered "what kind of curiosity brings people to places like this? " then I answered my question " same kind of curiosity that brought you here".

The path down to the foot of the falls was not defined very steep. While I am not anything close to being an expert hiker, I made my way down to the foot of the falls with extra caution (Next of Kin in Florida, family in Lagos, Nigeria). It's almost impossible to get help should anything happen down there.

I spent roughly thirty minutes at the foot of the falls. My heart was racing, took a couple shots, recorded videos and made my way back to the top only at the expense of my selfie stick. I kind of have an idea of what people enjoy in taking risks.

Time will tell if I will attempt similar feat again.

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Coordinates: 46.0179° N, 121.1737° W

Pass: Not required (free)

Trail: Not defined

Difficulty: High

Rangers: None

Height: 69 feet

No sign posts to identify location

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