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Chasing Waterfalls

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Whats popping people? it's been about a year since I put up anything here. In a nutshell, life happened. I got a job, moved to Seattle, Washington and it has taken forever to settled down.

I am excited to be back to moving lenses LOL.... and I really cannot wait to share my journey with you this summer.

The state of #Washington is blessed with a number of rivers coupled with undulating plains, the result are waterfalls found in every part of the state. It was kind of easy to decide on what to do with my #summer. I would have visited, technically every part of the state by the end of summer.

The image above is a google map of all the waterfalls i will be chasing throughout the summer.

I completed my first weekend of chasing waterfalls last weekend(7/7 - 7/8) visiting Panther Creek falls and Outlet falls. The four hours drive from Seattle to Panther Creek falls was worth every second of it.

Panther Creek #falls is free and open to the public. As such, i couldn't complain too much when i arrived at the trail head parking thanks to #Google maps.

There were no signs to confirm i had arrived at my destination. The only form of direction were some lettering on the road and arrows pointing to the beginning of the trail head.

It's all sort of awesomeness once you set a foot in the path of the trail. The trees and the sun formed a beautiful ambiance and the waterfalls was fascinatingly really cool to the eyes.

In my opinion, hiking is one of the most popular recreation activities in the Pacific North West and at one point or the other, you'd have to join in. Finding my way to the foot of Panther Creek waterfalls through a very steep path was an adequate preparation for what is to come at Outlet falls the next day. Some good Samaritans provided ropes to aid rookie hikers like myself. The next post will cover my visit to #Outlet Falls.

Find the gallery of Panther Creek Falls below.

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