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About Me

Hi, I'm Dotun! A portrait photographer based in Seattle, Washington, I'm fueled by a passion for travel, music, new experiences, and impromptu dance moves. In fact, my passport boasts stamps from 12 countries across Africa, Europe, and North America, and my car has seen its fair share of U.S. road trips.

In 2016, I launched Moving Lenses, a project born from my desire to share the beauty of my travels through the lens. I believe photos have a magical ability to capture moments of beauty, grandeur, and joy, transporting us back to those experiences with a vividness that memory sometimes struggles to match. What started as a travel photography hobby soon blossomed into capturing the moments shared by people, whether it's the momentous launch of a small business, the pride of a graduation, or the quiet intimacy of a couple or family. My goal is to photograph both people and places in their most authentic and artistic light. I'd be honored to work with you and capture your life's precious moments.

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Seattle, WA

Tel: 206-747-2802

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