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TIP-A-THUMB: My failed trip to Turnip Rock

Kayaking at Port Austin, MI

I thought I had adequately prepared to visit the Turnip Rock on Saturday, July 8th 2017. Nothing was going to stop me from making the 6 miles journey by Kayak off to the Turnip Rock from the shores of Port Austin, Michigan.

I'd bought a waterproof camera cover to protect my camera and lenses should i capsize while paddling to or from the Turnip Rock. I'd also specifically bought water shoes to reduce the risk of slipping while walking in the shallow waters near the Turnip Rock.

The Turnip Rock is located 3 miles off the shores of Port Austin, Michigan and it is only accessible by water. I'd called the Port Austin Kayak company to make inquiry about Kayak rental and weather everyday but the day of our visit. Lamees and I made the 2 hours journey to Port Austin with a lot of excitement and optimism.

On Arrival, we were informed that the weather was bad and won't be renting out Kayaks for the whole day.

I felt like a deflated balloon (laughs). I was particularly sad about the news because i would have to modify the list of places i'd planned to see in the month of July, Also, i have never been on a Kayak before and i was really looking forward to it (the baby in me was highly unhappy).

Rather than return home disappointed and all, we chose to make lemonade out of the lemons we've been served by Michigan weather. Lamees and I toured the #Downtown area of Port Austin visiting the Farmers' Market and Port Austin Breakwater before heading to TIP-A-THUMB - a nearby Canoe and Kayak Rental place in Port Austin.

TIP-A-THUMB is about 6 miles from Downtown Port Austin, MI. Their #Canoes and #Kayaks are a lot cheaper than those at Port Austin Kayak. It turned out to be a perfect place for first timers like Lamees and I to kayak, there are no currents along the trail until you get to the beach at the end of the trail/lake Huron.

I definitely will be returning to Port Austin to See the #TurnipRock SOON!!!.

Here is a short video of me Paddling :)

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